Maria Pallante

VP, Loyalty Solutions

Maria leads a loyalty marketing operations team specializing in launching, managing and optimizing programs for North American clients. Her focus is on implementing effective customer retention and engagement strategies underpinned by operational excellence. Maria has established a disciplined approach to implementations that is leveraged for all clients and serves as the basis for our Operational Readiness Assessments.

Maria has over 15 years’ experience and has worked on 10+ loyalty program implementations, including new and transitioning programs. Maria’s experience spans a number of industry sectors including financial services, retail, pharmaceutical, telecom and hospitality. Clients have included decision-makers at Aeroplan, HSBC, Home Depot and other North American blue-chip companies.

Maria has a Biochemistry degree (Hon) from McMaster University and an MBA from the De Groote School of Business from McMaster University. Maria is also a certified Project Management Professional.

Recent Posts

Loyalty Is On The Move

Posted by Maria Pallante

Jan 24, 2019 9:06:04 PM

 As featured in Loyalty 360

Keep up with an innovative mobile loyalty strategy

Loyalty—it’s in your customers’ pockets and at their fingertips. Smart brands are acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers with a loyalty strategy that harnesses the simplicity and readily-adopted nature of mobile. Here are some ideas on how leverage new integrations in mobile technology to personalize and enrich your customers’ journey.

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Blockchain Loyalty—Help or Hype?

Posted by Maria Pallante

Nov 2, 2018 4:38:19 PM

It’s been close to a decade since blockchain technology surfaced, offering the tech community new possibilities and multiple uses. In our innovation lab, we’ve been exploring blockchain technology over the last few years; testing use cases with partners and clients, and continuing to examine whether the technology is helpful for customer engagement and loyalty purposes, or if it’s just hype?

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What Comes First—The Platform or the Program Design? Three guiding principles to help you build a successful engagement strategy.

Posted by Maria Pallante

Sep 17, 2018 4:03:29 PM

The chicken and the egg, age before beauty, cart before horse—while we love to debate the natural order of things, many brands are in search of a loyalty or CRM platform before understanding how the technology resides within the overall brand and program strategy. Marketers are eager to entice customers with a rewards program; however, loyalty has completely changed. Today a program involves so much more than simply launching a points platform—it requires truly understanding the customer journey and the ways in which customers engage with your brand.

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Three Steps to Better Personalization

Posted by Maria Pallante

Jul 13, 2016 9:10:26 AM

Your dentist has a file on you. One that includes your name, birthdate, address and other personal details. You visit your dentist regularly, and tell your friends about your experiences with him. What if your dentist never used your first name? What if he never referred back to your visit history or dental records?

Apply this concept to a brand’s loyalty Program. When you enroll and participate in a loyalty Program, you’ve likely given up a good amount of personal information—and it’s not always put to good use, or at least not overtly. Consumers have noted this disconnect. The sixth annual survey by Bond Brand Loyalty has found that only 22 percent of loyalty program members are very satisfied with the level of personalization they’re receiving from brands. This highlights a tremendous opportunity for brands as satisfaction is 8X higher when programs are highly personalized. The thing is, personalization does not have to be complicated to yield this kind of payoff in satisfaction. Here are three steps to improve your personalization efforts today:

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3 Considerations for Fraud Prevention & Detection in Loyalty Programs

Posted by Maria Pallante

Oct 9, 2014 11:18:00 AM

Over the last few months, fraud prevention and detection have been coming up to a greater extent with clients. As consumers become savvier, this becomes an ever-increasing challenge. So, if you’re launching a loyalty program, here are two questions you’ll need to think about:

What measures can be put in place to prevent fraudulent activity?  

And knowing that you’ll never be able to think of everything, what can be put in place to detect or alert you to fraudulent activity?

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7 Success Factors for Implementing a Loyalty Program

Posted by Maria Pallante

May 26, 2014 3:02:00 PM

You’ve designed a brand-aligned and customer relevant loyalty program. You’re excited about how the program will help you acquire, retain and engage customers in a long-term relationship. Now what? It’s time to turn your strategy into reality. How do you ensure that you’re successful? What important goals do you need to set? Who needs to be involved? After 15 years of successfully implementing and operating loyalty programs, I continue to rely on these 7 success factors.

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