Loyalty Is On The Move

Posted by Maria Pallante

Jan 24, 2019 9:06:04 PM

 As featured in Loyalty 360

Keep up with an innovative mobile loyalty strategy

Loyalty—it’s in your customers’ pockets and at their fingertips. Smart brands are acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers with a loyalty strategy that harnesses the simplicity and readily-adopted nature of mobile. Here are some ideas on how leverage new integrations in mobile technology to personalize and enrich your customers’ journey.

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Holiday Shopping - Was It All About Giving or Receiving?

Posted by Sean Claessen

Jan 16, 2015 3:09:18 PM

There is no debate. Retail has largely been an anonymous and aggregate game. The public sale is pervasive and perpetual, and the arms race to deeper discounts was in full swing during the holidays. But, some of this past season’s sales results suggest there may be fatigue in this model. Our recent Holiday Study suggests that good old brand loyalty may play a more important role in holiday shopping than previously believed. With over 40% of a retailer’s sales happening during the holidays, it’s a critical time to attract new customers, but also key is to focus on retaining existing customers who often account for 55-70% of sales.

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Brewing Up Loyalty - Tim Hortons' “Double Double” Card

Posted by Bond Brand Loyalty

Sep 11, 2014 9:54:00 AM

As a loyal Timmies coffee drinker, I was delighted to hear that Tim Hortons had launched an “official” loyalty program; I was finally going to get a reward beyond that early-morning “ahhhh” of my first sip.

The new Double Double card has some interesting things to offer: unique technology, no fee and an easy to understand 1% back in Tim Cash. Its low household income requirement – and student card option – makes the card highly appealing to those who wouldn’t qualify for premium credit card rewards programs. As an initial foray into loyalty, this card is an excellent way for Tim Hortons to capture some data, learn about shopping patterns and spending distribution and test some targeted marketing programs. I look forward to seeing Tims broaden its loyalty offering down the road to engage more of its customers – those who are already committed to their chosen payment methods.

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Loyalty - An Enterprise Value Proposition

Posted by Bond Brand Loyalty

Aug 27, 2014 9:48:00 AM

We tend to think about loyalty from the customer standpoint and we envision points cards and mobile rewards apps—but this view can be narrow and does not fully encompass the enterprise benefits associated with an effective loyalty strategy. Enterprise Loyalty isn’t just a consumer value proposition, but a management proposition that offers up organization-wide tools and mechanics that can help your business rationalize and optimize technologies, operations and expenditures; all the while better understanding and engaging your consumers.

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