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Yevgeni Kissin

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Delivering Personalization at the Speed of Change

Yevgeni Kissin

Content Writer


With Synapze™ DNA, Bond’s customer genome solution, brands can unlock value from their data faster and more cost-effectively.

If there’s one thing 2020 taught the business world, it’s that companies can move forward faster on their roadmaps, or even nimbly change directions altogether. Across sectors, and even in the most siloed, complex companies, the COVID-19 crisis propelled organizations to work in ways they hadn’t before, bringing about years of change in mere months.

While companies are no longer operating at survive-or-die speed, there’s no turning back to business as usual. If there’s another realization from 2020, it’s that consumer needs and behaviors are changing faster than ever, too. They’re rapidly embracing omni-channel retail, switching allegiances and trying new brands, and expecting brands to not only understand their needs, but also to anticipate them.

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