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Serah Jacob

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Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife —We Got Yo Data

Serah Jacob

Content Writer

Big tech and privacy are the words on everyone’s lips these days when it comes to data. The conversation started gaining major momentum when Facebook’s entanglement with Cambridge Analytica was revealed in 2018—and has continued to stay top of mind on everything from smart speakers to fridges that let us know when we’re out of milk.

In the pre-COVID-19 world, the long-standing debate between customization and privacy seemed to pivot on the question of “if” consumers desired one or the other. A year into the global pandemic, however, that question now seems to have shifted to “how”: How can consumers experience hyper-personalization in their daily lives without feeling an infraction of trust?

At a CES 2021 session, host Resha Karnik, VP of MediaLink, prompted this and all other questions to Hamish Kinniburgh (Global Chief Strategy Officer, Universal McCann), Matthew Spiegel (EVP Marketing, TransUnion), Jay Stevens (President, Hudson MX), and Lisa Valentino (EVP Client & Brand Solutions, Disney) at CES 2021 . 

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