Carlo Pirillo

Executive Vice President, Digital Solutions

Carlo oversees the technology and immersive interactive assets that advance human interactions and bridging the gap between brands & people. He has leveraged his expertise and knowledge of digital solutions to lead the design and development of several CRM and Loyalty Management systems --systems that enable our clients to truly understand their customers and connect with them in highly relevant ways.

Carlo joined our team in 1998 bringing with him extensive experience in e-business applications, specifically within the area of Customer Relationship Management.

Recent Posts

A Fraudster’s Ticket into Loyalty: Travel Program Operators Beware

Posted by Carlo Pirillo

Sep 28, 2016 10:38:55 AM

Over the past 15 years, loyalty programs have enjoyed a relatively low level of fraudulent activities. However, in recent months we have seen the level of loyalty program and loyalty card fraud increase. As “Chip & Pin” credit cards continue to become prevalent, specific industries whose business models include transactions where the physical card does not need to be present, have become the target of fraudsters. One of these in particular is the travel booking industry.

Lately, fraudulent activities have propagated to loyalty programs where the travel components of the program are the primary target. However, as there often is with fraud schemes, there’s a twist. The loyalty program is not the actual target of the fraud, but rather a means to facilitate the scheme.

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Q&A with Carlo Pirillo – Apple Pay & the Future of the Mobile Wallet

Posted by Carlo Pirillo

Oct 3, 2014 11:55:37 AM

Carlo Pirillo is Bond Brand Loyalty's Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions. Carlo oversees the technology and immersive interactive assets that advance human interactions and bridges the gap between brands and people.

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Loyalty Program Builds – A Market Differentiator

Posted by Carlo Pirillo

Jun 4, 2014 8:57:14 AM

Your organization has come to the conclusion that a brand loyalty program would provide a marketable differentiator and strategic advantage for your business and now it’s up to you to make it happen.

The first steps are to assess your in-house capabilities, determine the operating model you would like to move forward with and how figure out how much expertise you need to hire on. You definitely don't want to start from scratch!

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