Michelle Ubell

Executive Vice President, Experiential Marketing

Michelle leads our brand, customer experience and marketing teams. For over 13 years she has worked tirelessly to ensure we deliver brand loyalty solutions that deliver positive business results for our clients. One of Michelle’s strengths is her versatility, and that’s evident in the broad spectrum of clients that she has partnered with and the number of chairs she has occupied in every part of our building. Michelle is passionate about the culture in our agency and is always our biggest cheerleader at Halloween!

Prior to joining us Michelle held senior roles with blue-chip organizations Xerox, IBM and Canon. Michelle is very active in the business community and has been part of several CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) committees.

Michelle is a self-declared gadget geek with a passion for technology and the opportunity it provides for loyalty marketing. When at play with her two children they enjoy the great outdoors in Collingwood with their dog “Angus” either skiing, boating, cycling or paddle boarding. She loves to create amazing food to share with friends and family but rarely follows a recipe (with mixed success)! Born in Troon, Scotland she holds a business degree from Glasgow University.

Recent Posts

You Had Me at XM: 3 Reasons to Invest in Experiential Marketing

Posted by Michelle Ubell

Jul 30, 2014 2:26:09 PM

Experience matters. Every action in a relationship either builds or erodes trust. We see this in the staggering number of divorces that occur every day—over 6,000 in America alone. The same can be said for consumers and their relationships to brands and products. How many times have we “broken up” with a brand because they didn’t deliver the experience the brand had promised, failed to communicate well or even did or said something that was a deal breaker—remember the backlash from Lululemon brand fans when founder Chip Wilson said that some women’s bodies weren’t “right” for their pants?

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Topics: Customer Experience, Experiential Marketing

The Value of Experience

Posted by Michelle Ubell

Apr 15, 2014 9:58:00 AM

Finally proof that the LIVE BRAND EXPERIENCE DOES MATTER! Yet, we aren’t doing anything about it!

This week I’m feeling the opposite of inspired. I feel frustrated, despondent and maybe even a little cranky. Why? Because everything I read points me to the same conclusion: that now is the time to take a broader and more strategic view of owned media with events as the cornerstone of that strategy. Yet, my frustration grows as I see little evidence of marketers actually being bold and brave enough to take on this challenge.

Here is the proof that the “human to human experience” grows brand value and that this is simply not reflected in how marketing budgets are spent.

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Topics: Brand Loyalty, Customer Experience