Delivering Personalization at the Speed of Change



With Synapze™ DNA, Bond’s customer genome solution, brands can unlock value from their data faster and more cost-effectively.

If there’s one thing 2020 taught the business world, it’s that companies can move forward faster on their roadmaps, or even nimbly change directions altogether. Across sectors, and even in the most siloed, complex companies, the COVID-19 crisis propelled organizations to work in ways they hadn’t before, bringing about years of change in mere months.

While companies are no longer operating at survive-or-die speed, there’s no turning back to business as usual. If there’s another realization from 2020, it’s that consumer needs and behaviors are changing faster than ever, too. They’re rapidly embracing omni-channel retail, switching allegiances and trying new brands, and expecting brands to not only understand their needs, but also to anticipate them.

In this environment, personalization has taken on new relevance and urgency, as brands seek to better know their customers and deliver experiences that matter. The call to arms for brands is to drive personalization at the speed of change now taking place in all aspects of business. Which is to say, accelerated.

speed of change

How Bond Drives Personalization
Keeping pace will be a challenge for organizations that still rely on the proverbial hand crank for their data efforts. Without the right technology, building data sets and managing machine learning models are highly manual and time-consuming, and very difficult to scale.

At Bond, we’ve been evolving and investing in our technology solutions to help brands solve the complex customer challenges they face. One of our latest innovations, Synapze DNA, our customer genome solution, helps brands make the leap into modern personalization.

 The concept of a genome is not new. How does an organization take multiple customer data points—transaction, behavioral, demographic, web, mobile app, third-party etc.—to not only analyze customer behavior but also to anticipate and deliver on it in a series of actions?

 What sets Synapze DNA apart is that it enables marketers to drive personalization and value from their data faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively—benefits everyone needs in a world at hyper speed. Benefits include:

  • Providing a single source of truth for data leveraged for targeting, personalization, and reporting
  • Delivering the right message with machine learning and build models about future behavior
  • Turnkey integration into our campaign manager tool to target customers for offers leveraging predicted and historic attributes

A recent implementation for a global retail client allowed for the combination of member and store behavior into one consolidated data asset leveraged for analytics and insights. This consolidation allowed for the identification of a multimillion-dollar Customer Experience improvement opportunity and accelerated analysis time from weeks to days to build machine learning models. The analysis showcased the symbiotic relationships between B2B and B2C for the retailer, where enhanced employee engagement in the stores had a direct impact on customer experience, resulting in higher ROI.

Synapze DNA is part of Bond’s larger efforts to provide insights for brands’ personalization, CRM, and loyalty efforts—on an accelerated basis. Our suite of solutions is powered by Bond’s best-in-class technology partners: Microsoft Azure, Databricks, and Snowflake.

Another key advantage of Synapze DNA is how it democratizes data and doesn’t require data-scientist-level knowledge. Many vendors offer solutions to manage machine learning and curate data today, but what is often lacking is the ability to action in a timely manner to engage your customers and drive value. Integrating Bond’s Synapze DNA with its other solutions, Model Factory and Campaign Manager, provides a comprehensive ecosystem to curate, predict, and action on companies’ behavioral data. Combined with Bond’s deep expertise in customer engagement, loyalty, and CRM, brands are able to ultimately drive better agility and decision-making.

As we move forward, brands’ big differentiator—and what will define the future of engagement—will be predictive, personalized customer experiences. Given today’s complex environment and ever-changing consumers, what better time to put the accelerator on personalization?