Brand Loyalty and Working Moms

Posted by Anne Bowie

Jun 4, 2014 12:38:00 PM

Want this working mom to be loyal to your brand? Make my time count.

Working mom? Yes, every mom is a working mom, regardless of where or how you choose to work. Your work could be focused on home, school, volunteering, hanging with your kids as often as you can, or it could be at an office or in a law firm or on a police force. Guess what? I bet there is one thing we all have in common—the fact that there never seems to be enough time. Time to do almost anything, because it doesn’t matter what it is you need more time for, the fact is there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it to go around.

Brand Loyalty Matters

So what does my little diatribe on a lack of time have to do with brand loyalty? For me it’s all about finding the little wins in the activities I do every day. My brand loyalty crept up on me and I realized that the greatest triggers for loyalty have to do with my ability to multi-task wherever possible and get back some of that precious time. So, I can lace up those running shoes again, or maybe–finally–have that glass [read bottle] of wine with a friend. Sound familiar?

Here’s what I look for—recommendations from other friends I trust (yep, moms) and I’m not alone on that. Check out this research from Baby Center Solutions about how important us moms are to brands and how much we rely on each other for brand recommendations, product endorsements and why giving back to us in ways that are meaningful breeds loyalty.

I’m not just about the points and rewards, but they do help. I honestly can’t imagine how much money I spend at Shoppers Drug Mart annually, but I still get excited when every few purchases I check out for ‘free’. Good on them. I shop there often and enjoy my experience and sometimes my kids even join me!

A Family Experience

Speaking of the kids, how about Chapters Indigo? You can enjoy coffee, books, magazines, toys, games, greeting cards and gifts—and all in one place. I can knock off a fun (caffeinated) morning with my kids and shop for birthday parties at the same time. This brand encourages you to hang out and enjoy their store as a family and when my kids were little, I met friends there for group reading time. Good memories.

As for those kids of mine, well, they are reluctant shoppers, but they do know their brands and I know where to buy them. They are more than happy to have mom go do all the shopping and don’t really care how the clothes, food, shoes and toys show up—just as long as they are there when needed! I guess that brings us back to the power of moms and how building brand loyalty with us actually means a lot more than just one filled basket. We are decision makers, fast-thinkers, multi-taskers and we hold the wallets.


Anne Bowie
Director, Experiential Marketing