#autobond: 3 Musts for Automotive Loyalty

Chris Travell

Live from the 2016 Detroit Auto Show! 

In the first installment of our automotive blog series #autobond, Chris Travell talks about three things that you should consider for building brand loyalty in 2016.

  1. Enhancing the customer experience (CX) to not just compete, but to differentiate your brand
  2. Building loyalty by ensuring the front line people are the very best they can be
  3. Engaging customers through live brand experiences such as experiential marketing or sponsorship activations, so they become enthusiastic about the brand both inside and outside of the dealership

Our goal with the #autobond series is to give you something to think about – ideas that you can use in both a strategic and tactical way to make better brand decisions in 2016 and beyond.


Chris Travell
Director, North American Automotive Solutions