#autobond: The Importance of 2nd Delivery Nights

Chris Travell

Picking up a new car is magical. The new car smell. The technology. The enhanced performance. Brands and dealers that place an increased emphasis on the delivery (and do it well) increase the chances of a higher rating on their CX surveys. And when you think about it, it makes sense. It’s the last impression a customer has before they drive home and share their experience–hopefully positive–that they had at the dealership.

However, the bloom is still on the rose when the customer picks up the car. Even though they were shown how to pair their phone, operate the NAVI, or use voice commands, it doesn’t always stick. And if it doesn't stick, the result could be lower CX scores both on the brand’s internal program and on syndicated studies like JD Power. The technology may work as planned but if the customer doesn’t know how to use it, they think something is wrong with the car and offer up a poor score.

Enter 2nd Delivery Nights. I’m a big fan of these things. When customers buy, we have to remember that cognitive dissonance can kick in. Also known as buyer’s remorse, the 2nd Delivery Night allows the dealership to reinforce the purchase decision the customer just made. It gives the dealer and brand a chance to establish a strong relationship with the customer and to sell the benefit of dealing with the store.

Let me know what you think.

And, until next time.


Chris Travell
Director, North American Automotive Solutions