Meeting Your Objectives Through Your People: 12 Considerations for Business Coaching

Nancy Dewar

When or Why Would You Need to Hire a Business Coach?

Customer-centricity seems to be the new buzzworthy topic in boardrooms. But a customer “obsessed” culture is not created overnight. One way to accelerate through the change curve is to bring in a coach to ensure that the organization has the right guidance, support and focus needed to create the new customer-centric way of being.

A change toward customer-centricity starts with your people committing to making changes on a personal level. Business coaches are trained to help organizations meet objectives through their people.

Business coaches are individuals who have worked in various aspects of the corporate world, who have extensive real world experience, and who have the business acumen to deal with anyone from a CEO to a frontline employee. Coaches also typically have high EQ’s and the strategic ability to ask the pertinent questions, digging deep to uncover the insights of what’s really going on.

BBL_ThinkstockPhotos-168726463-2.jpgBusiness coaching hones in on understanding and transforming people to deliver on the organizations objectives—whether those objectives are improving the customer experience, developing sales capabilities or enabling leadership teams. Coaches will work with the senior team to design the needed objectives and then execute towards them to help meet the KPI’s of the program.

Here are some key questions to consider when thinking about a business coach or Coaching Program:

  • When did a new initiative last stick in my organization?
  • I am not sure how to get my employees to buy into the needed change
  • I want to make a culture change and do not know how to do this effectively
  • We have gone through a lot of management changes and I need to create some stability within the organization
  • We need new skills developed and sustained within our employees to keep up with our competitors and meet customer expectations and traditional training approaches aren’t doing the job
  • Our employee engagement scores are low and we need to improve our overall level of engagement in the organization
  • We ranked low on our last customer service surveys and our customer experience is lagging
  • I have a young team who could benefit from someone to help them grow and develop
  • Our retention is low and the cost of hiring and training new employees is very high
  • I have sales reps in the field who need to be coached and supported to deliver higher sales
  • I just initiated a new training program but fear the skills learned will not transfer on the job
  • Our teams are not working well together and this is costing us time and money

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Nancy Dewar M.ED, ACC, CTDP
Director, Coach Strategy, Customer Experience