#autobond: Making Goal Setting Work in 2016

Posted by Chris Travell

Feb 10, 2016 12:42:18 PM

I get worried sometimes when I hear manufacturers talk about their goals. Obviously everybody in the dealer network needs to know where the goal posts are, but sometimes the goals can be so unrealistic that they are actually setting dealers up for failure. Is it reasonable, for example, that a brand will jump up 15 spots on JDPA or NVCS? Maybe not, especially when few resources, aka – money and management expertise, are dedicated to achieving the goal.

Here’s a few more thoughts about goal setting in 2016. Let’s be practical about this. 

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#autobond: Twitter and Unearthing Not-So-Hidden Opportunities

Posted by Chris Travell

Jan 28, 2016 3:00:25 PM

At the recent Automotive News World Congress in Detroit Robert Pietsch, Director Sales, Auto and Tech at Twitter, quoted some statistics which I found fascinating. 140,000 people per day tweet that they are going car shopping and most mention the brands they’re looking at. However, only about 5 percent receive a response back from the brand.

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#autobond: 3 Musts for Automotive Loyalty

Posted by Chris Travell

Jan 21, 2016 11:12:00 AM

Live from the 2016 Detroit Auto Show! 

In the first installment of our automotive blog series #autobond, Chris Travell talks about three things that you should consider for building brand loyalty in 2016.

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